Legacy Assembly for Long Serving Staff

We held an inaugural Legacy Assembly to acknowledge and celebrate several long serving Staff members of our College.
John Baptist De La Salle said that, “Young men need good teachers like guardian angels”- this has never been so true.
It was with great pleasure, indeed an honour, to host a special Legacy Assembly for our long serving staff. The following staff were recognised and honoured for their long service to the De La Salle community.
  • Mr John Singh 50 years
  • Mrs Urmila Verma 34 years
  • Mr Dave Rungan 31 years
  • Mr Kane Raukura 27 years
  • Mr Martin Finch 27 years
  • Mr Nigel Hurst 26 years
These staff members have contributed outstandingly to the lives of thousands of young men, educating them in an environment of Christian love and service while always aiming to achieve the vision we have of creating outstanding men of faith, service, community and excellence.
In a rapidly moving and changing world where young men’s lives are subject to constant fluctuations and uncertainty, it was great that our young men were able to witness the magnificent example of resilience, perseverance and commitment that was celebrated through the service of our long serving staff.
Our long serving staff were each presented with the ‘Lasallian Shield’, which is reserved for those members of our College community who have performed outstanding contributions to the education of our young men.
We thank them as their example is inspirational and deeply appreciated across the wider College community.
We pray that they keep good health and continue to serve our community.