Our School Crest


Each element of the College’s crest is a symbol and contains a meaning.

The Motto: Bonum Certamen Certa

The College’s Latin Moto ‘Fight the good Fight’, is from St. Paul’s first letter to Timothy (1 Tim 6:12) wherein which St. Paul encourages Timothy and his small Christian community to be strong and courageous, to persevere and not to give up; to stand firm in the faith.

The Radiant Star

The five-pointed star is the De La Salle Brothers symbol found on all their works. It is the ‘sign of faith’, the spirit of the Lasallian family; it is also the star of Bethlehem that led the wise men

The Shield

The shape of the College crest is that of a shield, a symbol of defence: guarding the principles the school believes in

The Silver Fern leaves

The fern leaves on the sinister (left) and dexter (right) side of the shield represent New Zealand: the silver green enduring nature of the fern from the koru frond to mature leaf reflects the journey of young boys to men as they pass through De La Salle College.

The Cross

Everything about the crest points to the Cross, the symbol of the Christian faith, expressing the idea that the College principles and values are embedded in the gospel of Jesus Christ.