Learning Support

Director of Learning

Elizabeth Wilkins

Teacher Aide

Gloria Salanoa

Teacher Aide

Joy Marcelo

Teacher Aide

Stephanie Tuala

The Learning Support area of De La Salle College consisting of myself, the Director of Learning Support (SENCO) and three Teacher Aides: Mrs Gloria Salanoa, Mrs Joy Marcelo and Miss Stephanie Tuala 

Our goal is to identify and work with any students in Years 7-13 who require assistance to access the curriculum. To do this, we align closely with homeroom and subject teachers so that the best conditions are created for students with barriers to learning. Just as important, we work closely with parents and families to make sure we understand our students’ needs. We also call on the help of outside providers such as the Ministry of Education, the Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour ( RTLBs), educational psychologists, speech language therapists, the Kelston Deaf Education Centre, health providers and the ACC, to help us in our efforts.  

About 10% of the school population at any one time has been identified with some level of learning needs which includes a wide range of challenges. A small group of these students require very hands-on support throughout the day from the Teacher Aide staff and a number of these students are also supported in an ongoing way by the Pastoral Care Team.  

Our Catholic and Lasallian values and principles underpin our celebration of all students at this school In Learning Support we believe that students, including those with difference, should be present and participate in learning inside the classroom with their peers.  We don’t often remove students from the classroom for their learning, even high need students 

The exception to this is when high stake assessments are being done. For these, the students with SAC (Special Assessment Conditions) approved by NZQA are accommodated in separate rooms or alternative activities/tasks are provided in conjunction with the teacher 

We work closely with schools and parents, especially at entry points to our school, to ensure that the best transition is possible for new students with learning difficulties.  

Elizabeth Wilkins 

Director of Learning Support