Arts Faculty

In the Faculty of Arts we aim to develop and provide learning programmes that cover the curriculum as well as encouraging students in their creativity and artistry. Students work hard and are set high expectations to achieve to their fullest potential. Across the three departments – Drama, Music and Visual Arts – students are engaged, inspired and taught the Creative Arts from passionate and dedicated teachers who believe in their ability to succeed.

Visual Arts Department

In the Visual Arts Department we aim to establish good work habits amongst all students as well as motivating them to learn and achieve to their full potential.  We believe that the Visual Arts is a vehicle which enables the teaching of the key competencies, with a particular focus on originality, creativity, critical thinking and literacy.  We also believe that success breeds success and as teachers we work hard to develop a positive, encouraging and hardworking environment that sets expectations for high achievement.


A main aim of the Drama Department is to make learning a positive, interesting and enjoyable experience.  Students will be encouraged through positive feedback, small achievable assignments, clear work expectations and assessment tasks, relevant work and high expectations. The environment in which learning takes place should be stimulating, well organised and one of acceptance. The Drama Department aims to motivate all students through the development of programmes that meet both the students’ individual needs and the New Zealand Curriculum.


In the Music Department we aim to establish and build good performance practices in the classroom. We try to maintain a balance between theory and practical work with an overlap to putting the theory into context with a music performance setting. Across the year levels, topics range from theory, composition and musical knowledge to an appreciation of musical history and a study of various artists and composers over time.