There are many scholarship opportunities for our senior students to help fund you through your tertiary studies.

Click here for a comprehensive guide of available scholarships Scholarship booklet 2021

Some tips to be successful in scholarship applications:

  • Start from an early age to achieve the best results that you are capable of. Aim to pass all credits you are offered, with the highest grades possible. Attempt every external exam you are entered into.
  • Be fully involved in all extra-curricular activities that interest you: sports, cultural activities, debating, music, Polyfest and more.
  • Leadership is very important. Put your hand up for leadership opportunities in the school, in your church and your community. Not everyone can be a prefect, but there are many more opportunities for leadership – coaching, refereeing, managing junior teams, mentoring & tutoring, assisting at junior camps, peer support and leading youth groups. Keep a record of all that you do.
  • Be fully involved in the Service programme – do service through the school and in your community. Keep a good record of this.
  • Aim for a high rank score at Level 2 – most scholarships are only open to students who have gained a level 2 rank score of at least 250 points. A rank score is calculated with the top 80 credits across 5 subjects only.

  • First Foundation Scholarship is open to year 12 students who gained Merit or Excellence endorsement at Level 1, who are involved in the wider life of their school and community and who face some financial challenges. Start preparing for this in year 11.
  • Each university has its own list of scholarships, and these are available on the university websites. Students need to start researching at the beginning of year 13, and preparing themselves for these applications. Many scholarships open in June and close in August.
  • Others are available through the school and other organisations, for example:

Robert Ned Covich Tertiary Scholarship for a student who contributes to the Catholic Character of the college, and will be studying at degree level.

Keystone Trust Scholarship for students applying for tertiary courses that lead to work in the Construction Industry, such as Architecture, Quantity Surveying.

PWC Scholarship for students beginning their studies in Commerce, Business or Law.

Rugby Football Union Scholarships for the different regions

Sullivan Scholarship is open to applications from students of the Roman Catholic faith who will attend Medical School at either the University of Auckland or the University of Otago.

Fulton Hogan Engineering Scholarships which include paid internships

Scholarships for Maori students & for Pacific Island students

Sir George Elliot Tertiary Scholarship for students who have faced challenges in their lives.

  • There is a wide variety of information both online and in the Careers Room, and ongoing support with applications from careers and homeroom teachers.
  • Every scholarship that is awarded, is the result of being organised early and putting in a consistent effort. Even though the first year at university is fees-free, there are many extra costs such as textbooks, materials and transport. It is very worthwhile to make the effort to apply for a range of scholarships.