About the Mathematics Faculty:

In the Mathematics Faculty, we aim to prepare our students to be able to apply Mathematical thinking in every day life.

Students will develop life long learning skills by fostering a belief in the value of Mathematics and  it’s usefulness to them. Our aim is to nurture confidence in their own mathematical ability, encouraging a sense of personal achievement and promoting a continuing creative interest in mathematics. The teachers within the Faculty will continue to contribute to the body of knowledge of the discipline, through professional development and the sharing of good teaching pedagogy.

Mathematics and career paths:

The skills you gain in studying Mathematics at De La Salle College can take you almost anywhere. You might eventually work in aeronautics, airline scheduling, automobile industry consultants, brain modeling and imaging, circuit design, cryptography, data mining, drug development, internet traffic-routing, military intelligence, oceanography/fisheries, soil-remediation, seismic exploration, space missions, or even as a stock market broker. All trades and apprenticeships require you to be able to use level one mathematics skills. These include but are not limited to carpentry, automotive, electrical and gas trades.