Our senior boys have been focused on achieving their NCEA and have produced some outstanding work. Highlights include: the Year 11 production “The Couch” devised and scripted by the class and extracts from “Once on Chunuk Bair”. The Year 12s performed an excerpt from “Niu Sila” ably directed by Lorenzo Smalley, a Year 13 student. And some exciting performances of “Commedia dell ‘Arte” by a few of our year 13s.

This year the performances we saw were, ‘SEA’ devised and performed by Redleap at the Maidment Theatre in Term 1 and our Junior Production of ‘Agony in the Garden’ by Denis Tutaka, also in Term 1. This was performed for the whole school on Holy Thursday. We also saw the Black Friar’s production of William Shakespeare’s ‘Merchant’.

We look forward to seeing more of this in 2015!