College Staff

Senior Leadership 

PrincipalMr Myles Hogarty
Deputy PrincipalMr Dermot English
Associate PrincipalMr Elton Charles
Associate PrincipalMr Philip Doyle
ICT/TTMr John Singh
 Mr Denis Tutaka

College Directors

Director of Timetable / ICT: Mr John Singh
Director of Mission: Mr Denis Tutaka
Director of Campus Ministry: Mr Matthew Apuda
Director of Year 7 & 8: Ms Tracy-Lee Dahlberg
Year 7-10 Student Co-ordinator: Mr Nigel Hurst
Director of Sports: Mr Alex Perez
Director of Literacy Centre: Ms Amanda Chapman
Co-ordinator of Learning Support: Mrs Elizabeth Wilkins
Gateway Co-ordinator: TBC
Director of Career Services: Mrs Frances Fannon
Director of Health Services: Mrs Vanessa Hurling
Director of Social Work Services: TBC

Learning and Assessment

AP Teaching & Learning: Mr Philip Doyle
AP Student Services: Mr Elton Charles
Year 7-10 Student Co-ordinator: Mr Nigel Hurst
Deputy Principal: Mr Dermot English
Faculty Head of Religious Education: Ms Maria Fouhy
Faculty Head of Languages: Ms Rehnuma Gani
Faculty Head of Social Sciences: Mr Max Jeremic
Faculty Head of Science: Mr Kane Raukura
Faculty Head of Health & PE: Mr Joseph Keane
Acting Faculty Head of Mathematics: Mr Aisea Vailahi
Faculty Head of Arts: Mrs Ronise Laumemea
Faculty Head of Technology: Mr Anthony Hawkins
Gateway Co-ordinator: TBC

Pastoral Care

AP Pastoral Care: Mr Elton Charles
Deputy Principal: Mr Dermot English
Counselling Services: Ms Maude Sewell, Mrs Nicole Knight
Social Work Services: Mr Chanel Alataua, Ms Angel Fatu
Learning Support: Mrs Elizabeth Wilkins
Careers Advisor: Mrs Frances Fannon
Service Co-ordinator: Mr Johnnie Timu


Dean Year 7 & 8:    Mrs Vicky Kasipale – ext 831
Dean Year 9:    Mr Aaron D’Souza –  ext 851
Dean Year 10:  Miss Fusi Puleiku –   ext 852
Dean Year 11:  Mr Ulu Hakeagatoa –  ext 857
Dean Year 12:  Mr Nigel Hurst –  ext 855
Dean Year 13:  Mr Ben Curtis – ext 877

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