“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 
― Nelson Mandela

In the English learning area we aim to up skill our students with the ability to think  critically while creating texts and making of texts that they read. Students will engage in a wide reading programme and tackle a variety of text types through their programmes. There is a huge focus on the development of writing skills. We aspire to explicitly teach vocabulary, audience and purpose, syntax, and grammar.

In the Junior English programme, students will learn to craft both Poetic and Transactional writing. Senior English programmes offer individual learning pathways that suit all types of learners. The NCEA programmes are designed around the following themes:

  • Level 1: Overcoming Challenges                                                                
  • Level 2:  Identity and Alienation
  • Level 3:  Reality Versus Illusion. Discrimination.

The English faculty takes pride in academic achievement. We are committed to the professional development of teachers and the use of current teaching pedagogy of reading and writing. The learner is at the heart of everything we do.