Guidance and Counselling

Lulu MorrisonGuidance and Counselling Services

The service at De La Salle college is provided by counsellors with appropriate qualifications and registration with New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC).

Counsellors provide a safe and confidential environment where students can express their thoughts emotions and concerns.  Students are assisted to identify, assess and respond to student issues that affect their learning, academic performance, and overall wellbeing.

By providing support services, counsellors empower students to navigate challenges, build resilience and develop necessary skills to thrive both at personal and professional level.

It also helps students develop coping strategies with issues of anxiety, stress, low mood and self-esteem as well as psychological disturbances that they may be going through. The service promotes awareness of, and respect for personal difference, advocating for those who feel disempowered and help them develop capabilities that foster personal growth.

The service is part of the Pastoral Care Team, which provides a safe, accepting and non-judgemental environment where true understanding, change, healing and connection can take place.