Vision Statement

De La Salle College creates great men of Learning, Community and Character.


1.    Catholic and Lasallian Character
De La Salle College as a Roman Catholic and Lasallian College aims to uphold the Lasallian Charism and traditions – the human and Christian education of youth. This involves a personal, inclusive, accepting faith in God and a sense of ‘brotherhood’ within the context of a high impact provider of quality educational outcomes.

2.    Students and Their Learning
De La Salle College believes that all students come with individual abilities and talents, that learning itself is a lifelong process, and that all students can attain exemplary achievement. The College strives to prepare students in the transition to adulthood, to become leaders in society, through the development of personal qualities and skills necessary to make informed and appropriate decisions in a society facing rapid social, economic, and technological change. To attain this, the College believes young people need to be confident, connected and actively involved lifelong learners.

3.    Curriculum Implementation, Assessment and Evaluation
De La Salle College aims to provide an academic, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual environment for a seamless education to work and further learning, effectively meeting the diverse curriculum needs of boys from Y7-13.

4.    School and Community Partnership
De La Salle College believes in developing partnerships to assist in the delivery of strategic targets and to provide pathways to further education and/or employment through effective communication with families, businesses, educational providers and old boy’s networks respecting New Zealand’s cultural diversity, and the Treaty of Waitangi’s bicultural foundation. These partnerships are inclusive of identities, languages, abilities and talents of all.

5.    School Leadership and Management
De La Salle College believes that achievement comes from effective leadership, systematic structures, a well-maintained physical environment, adequately resourced curriculum and a passionate and motivated staff.

6.    Pastoral Well-being
De La Salle College believes that holistic well-being of staff, students and their families is pivotal for effective teaching and learning.