Strategic Plan

2017-19 Goals for Three-Year Plan

Strategic Strand Goals
In this Strategic Plan the College has identified five (5) Strands where Goals for the period 2017-2019 are identified and indicators set.  These indicators will deliver the outcomes necessary for the College to deliver its mission and vision for the boys in its care.

1. Special Character
1.1. To develop boys in the four core values of faith, service, community and excellence’
1.2. To develop an understanding and respect for faith, sacraments and traditions of the Catholic Church
1.3. To continue to develop links with the local and wider Catholic and Lasallian communities in NZ and abroad.
1.4. To provide opportunities for Catholic and Lasallian formation for staff and boys
1.5 To strengthen the culture of reflection and internal prayer amongst boys and staff.

2. Staff Effectiveness
2.1 To provide effective teacher professional learning and development in order to ensure quality teaching
2.2 To develop teachers who enquire into their practice in order to improve student achievement
2.3 To reflect the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi in the development of staff effectiveness
2.4 To develop staff capability in leading learning and school development
2.5 To strengthen the co-curricular engagement of staff in the College community

3. Students & their Learning
3.1. To exceed local and national achievement benchmarks in NCEA and National Standards
3.2 To provide curriculum pathways that allow all boys to achieve personal excellence
3.3 To develop all boys to become more self-managing and independent learners
3.4 To provide an inclusive curriculum reflects the pastoral care needs of boys

4. Student Services & Pastoral Care
4.1 To enhance the pastoral care of boys in order to support their health and wellbeing
4.2 Pastoral care is the responsibility of every staff member in the school
4.3 To increase the participation of boys in the co-curricular life of the college
4.4 To provide an effective transition in, out and through the College for all boys
4.5 To provide opportunities for parents and families to engage with their sons’ education
4.6 To recognise and give expression to the Treaty of Waitangi

5. Property, Personnel & Financial Resources
5.1. To provide physical facilities of a high standard to support the curriculum objectives and priorities of an innovative learning environment
5.2. To provide the ICT Infrastructure to meet the current and emerging e-Learning and e-Administrative needs of the college.
5.3. To recruit, develop, recognise and retain quality staff
5.4 To provide sufficient financial resources to support the development of the college
5.5 To ensure that the College operates according to all current Health and Safety legislation and guidelines

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