BYOD Information

What is BYOD?

Bring your own device (BYOD) is the term used in Education that encourages students to bring their own portable computer devices to school and into the classroom to assist and enhance their learning. The College have partnered with PBTech recommendations for purchase of BYOD devices.

Please click on the link for the BYOD registration form & specifications required for your device: 2022 BYOD Registration Form

What is e-Learning?

e-learning is learning and teaching that is supported through the appropriate use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). An e-Learning Committee at the College meets regularly to plan the use of Digital Technologies across all Curriculum areas and levels.

Why has De La Salle College introduced BYOD?

We introduced BYOD this year to Year 11 students to improve their learning at school and at home. We have done extensive research over the last few years on the use of Digital Technologies for teaching and learning. Some of our findings are:

  • the NZ Curriculum specifically references the value of e-Learning for all Subjects.
  • Online NCEA student Assessments will be phased in from 2019.
  • international research shows the benefits of e-Learning for students.
  • we need to increase student access to a huge range of Digital resources which help enhance their learning.
  • we need to provide further opportunities for individualised and collaborative learning and teaching for our students and teachers.
  • we need to continue to increase student engagement and motivation to facilitate their learning and achievement.
  • we need to prepare our students for future tertiary studies and the changing work environments they will encounter when they leave school.

How are the devices used in the classroom?

The amount of time that students will use their devices will differ from class to class and teacher to teacher. Some subjects lend themselves to using a computer more naturally than others. All teachers will be and have been provided considerable professional development and time to allow them to grow their confidence in teaching a class where students have a computer each. This will continue to develop. Our expectation is that the students will use their computers more often than not.

What types of devices are suitable and what are the costs?

The Board of Trustees and the Senior Leadership Team are very aware that devices do cost and some are very expensive and when one starts to investigate buying a device for Education there is a mind field of information. The College does provide parents and students guidelines and suggestions for minimum hardware and software specifications. The College has a preferred supplier who can offer parents purchasing a device, finance and insurance options and after sales support needed to repair any damage the device may incur.