Rules & Regulations

All students apply to attend De La Salle College. The College therefore expects all students to observe the College’s Values and rules. Our four values (Faith, Service, Community, and Excellence) set the general tone and expectations for our students. The following details clarify what is expected behaviour for a student of De La Salle College.

Courtesy, dignity, restraint and common sense are expected as are courtesies such as ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

De La Salle College does not tolerate:
• Abusive, blaspheme or foul language. This includes inappropriate text messaging and internet chat.
• Bullying, mocking, stealing or lying.
• Physical or verbal abuse including social, sexual or religious harassment.

All students will wear the correct school uniform.
This applies to students who are:
• Attending school
• Representing the College
• Travelling to or from school
• Attending school functions
• Identifiable as De La Salle College students in public.

The College is judged by the community by the uniform standards shown by students. All parents are requested to aid the College by ensuring the uniform regulations are upheld.

Incorrect uniform or a combination of College uniform, the sports uniform or mufti is not appropriate. Students with the incorrect uniform are required to have a letter from home explaining the reason for their discrepancy and the letter is to be handed to the Year Level Dean for consent no later than 9:00am on the day concerned. A Uniform Pass will be issued by the Year level Dean.

Please ensure all items are named.

De La Salle College Board of Trustees and staff expect students to wear their hair styled in a conventional way. Unnatural colours, extreme colouring, or streaks and patches of colour are not allowed. No lines cut into hair. Hair must be clear of the face, eyes and ears.

If the hair is below the shoulder line, it must be tied up using plain black bands. No headbands. Students must be clean shaven at all times.
No “rat’s tails” are allowed.

Body Adornment
Students are not permitted to wear earrings. No other visible body piercing (including tongue studs) is permitted.
A wrist watch may be worn.
No elastic arm bands are allowed.
No other jewellery is permitted (except jewellery with religious significance).

Absence from College for family or medical reasons must be accounted for by caregivers in advance (where appropriate), or with written explanation, medical certificate, or other communication within 24 hours of the student returning to College.

If your son is going to be late or absent please phone (09) 276 4319 Extension 812 to leave a message on the absence voice mail before 8:00 a.m. A written note to Homeroom Teachers is required when the student returns to College.
Students who are late to school or to any class during the school day may be subject to disciplinary action. All students who are late to school must sign in and receive a Late Pass at the attendance office before going to class.
Students are not allowed to leave the College grounds during school hours (including interval and lunchtime) except: • In the case of sickness, dental or medical appointments provided prior approval has been obtained from a Dean and/or School Nurse. Students must sign out at the attendance office. • For any other reason with the prior approval of a Dean who will have issued an EXIT pass. Year 7-10 must be signed out by a parent/guardian.


Out of bounds areas are:
• the school driveway.
• the car park, chapel area and creek.
• the area between the trees and fence around the field.
• the field above the first rugby field.
• the classrooms unless there is a teacher present.
• the back of D- Block and behind the caretaker sheds

• Smoking is not permitted by anyone on the College site.
• Possession or use of alcohol or drugs is prohibited (breaking of these regulations may result in serious disciplinary action including suspension/exclusion).
• It is also not permitted to congregate with those who use tobacco, alcohol or drugs during school or while in uniform or on any College outings.
• Dangerous implements are not permitted.
• Chewing gum and ‘spitting’ is unacceptable in the interest of health, as is the sharing of drink bottles.
• Twink, permanent markers and chewing gum are not permitted because of the damage they can cause.
• Graffiti or inappropriate images are not permitted on anything brought to school.
• Mobile phones and other electronic devices such as MP3 player are discouraged to avoid theft. Students carry these devices at their own risk and they must be turned off and in bags at all times.
• Mobile phones if used during class time will be confiscated, locked in the College safe, and can only be collected by a parent/guardian.

No student should be at school before 8:00am and after 3.30pm unless supervised by a member of staff.

Safety and courtesy are paramount when travelling in public. De La Salle College students stand for adults and respect transport property.

Students who drive to school need to obtain parental consent and approval of the Deputy Principal. Students park off-site. – Buses: Stagecoach Company operates several school services.

School Bus Service