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De La Salle College offers a comprehensive curriculum based on the objectives of the New Zealand National Curriculum which encourages students to be capable, connected, actively involved life-long learners.  The emphasis is on providing effective teaching and learning programmes to meet individual needs.  There is a focus on gathering effective data to show where the student is in his learning, identifying the next steps he needs to take to facilitate his achievement.

The Curriculum is organised around ten Key Learning Areas with cross-curricula integration planned within the classroom through integrated units with the focus on inquiry learning.  Engaging students in the learning process is the heart of teaching.  Teachers seek to foster active, interactive and deep learning approaches so that learners can interact meaningfully within the world in which they live.

At Year 7 and 8, there is a focus on reading, writing and mathematics.  Curriculum expectation information gives teachers, the student and parents a clear idea of progress in these areas, and are useful for future target setting in the student’s learning pathway. These key areas are the foundation for success in all subjects.

In Year 9 students participate in a wide range of courses allowing them to build on their strengths with a view to further study.

In Year 10, students have the opportunity of choosing from a range of options allowing them to build on their strengths with a view to further study at NCEA level.

NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement) is the national qualification for senior secondary school students in New Zealand. The College continues to be very pleased with the performance of our young men at all three NCEA Levels; their results have consistently placed De La Salle College at or above national rates for boys, Pasifika learners and as a top performing school in the area.

To view the Curriculum Document and NCEA Handbook, please see the left hand menu.

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