Year 7 & 8 Family Mass

Year 7/8 students are having their annual Family Mass on Friday 26 August at 10.30am.

We would love to see every one of our students attend with their family members. This Mass is a celebration of the “GIFTS OF OUR FAMILIES” and you will be sitting with your son.

The date of our Mass is particularly wonderful as in these late days of August we are provided with an opportunity to reflect on family ties and the power of prayer. In our reflections we come to learn about God’s immense love and mercy for us. The change of the season signals to us all to begin again.

Also, in August we see family ties in the celebration of two saints. The 27th of August is the Feast Day of St. Monica- the Patron Saint of Mothers, and the next day is her son St. Augustine’s birthday, regarded as one of the greatest fathers of our Church.

Mums, Dads, Sisters, Brothers, Aunties, Uncles, Nanas, Grandads, one and all, we would love to see you and celebrate with you at our annual Year 7/8 Mass. Following Mass, you are invited to share a cup of tea and biscuits with your son.

Car-parking will be made available in the College grounds and students will be on hand to assist you. If you have any questions regarding this Mass please feel free to contact the Year 7/8 Pastoral Dean Ms Vicky Tufuga  or the Campus Minister Joseph Nansen

We look forward to meeting you and joining together to celebrate Mass.

Dei Gratia

Mr M. Hogarty                           Ms V. Tufuga                                                   Mr J. Nansen

Principal                                    Pastoral Dean Year 7/8                                   Campus Minister