Year 12 Rostered Home Thursday 1st June

Greetings Parents

This letter is to inform you of the PPTA’s decision to instruct its members

not to teach certain year levels of the College as part of their on-going industrial action. This is referred to as a rostering home plan.

We have been informed that the PPTA have told its members that they must not teach students in Year 12 on Thursday 1st June

De La Salle College have looked at ways of keeping our rostered home students at school on this day but we are unable to provide enough teachers for all our Year 12 classes on Thursday.

This means that our Year 12 students will not have classes this Thursday 1st June and may stay at home and continue to work online.

Year 12 students may still come to school on Thursday to study in the College Library which will be available for them to use as a quiet study space.

Year 12 students coming to school to study are expected to meet the College expectations for punctuality, grooming and uniform.

After school sports practices will still go ahead on Thursday for all teams.

Apologies once again for this further disruption to our teaching programme, I appreciate how disruptive this can be for families and our young men’s learning.


God bless