Weekly Note system restarts in Term 2

We will be re-starting our De La Salle College Weekly Note system this week – Week 2 Term 2 2020 – for all Year 7 – 13 students. While we are on Alert Level 3 we will be using the Weekly Note slightly differently.

Teachers will give you a score on a modified scale about your engagement online.

1 = Not engaging at any level in your class*        

2 = Not in use                  

3 = Is engaging with online learning sporadically**        

4 = Is engaging with online learning#                                 

5 = Is engaging with online learning and making progress#

*  This is for boys who we are not hearing from at all.  We have an accurate list of all students who are unable to access work online already.  We will not be sending Weekly Notes to families who are already dealing with the challenge of no device or internet access. We are still working with the Ministry of Education to get devices into homes.  We thank all families who are patiently waiting for support.  We will update you as soon as we hear anything from the Ministry of Education.  If you know of any student for whom the situation has changed – e.g. mum’s or dad’s or sister’s laptop has had to go back to work, or a device has died etc. please contact us and we will add them to the list. If a student is working on hard-copies then they should be getting a 3 or a 5.

** Sporadically means the student may have accessed a class Notebook, Teams page or assignments or may have joined a class or chat just once.  This is for boys who have access but are not engaging. They are not returning work or making contact.  These students will need follow-up to get more involved.

# We want lots of 5’s.  We want to acknowledge all the hard work of students, families and teachers here.  If someone is making an effort – we want to give them a 5.  A score of 5 would indicates that the student is working hard to deal with the new ‘normal’.

Malo ’aupito

Mr P. Doyle

Assistant Principal