Tribute to Mr Kane Raukura


It is with much pleasure yet sadness that I have to inform you that Mr Kane Raukura will be taking a new position as Deputy Principal of St Ignatius College Drury. Mr Raukura will be commencing his new role at the start of 2023 in preparation for the opening of St Ignatius in 2024.

Mr Raukura is a proud Old Boy of the College, being Head Prefect in 1991.

He attended Auckland University and completed a Bachelor of Science degree, followed by his Diploma in Secondary School Teaching.

Mr Raukura returned to De La Salle in 1996 to teach Chemistry and Biology which he has done for the last 26 years.

Mr Raukura has been the Head of Science Faculty and more recently he has joined the College Senior Leadership Team assuming the role of Deputy Principal for Mission in 2021.

He was our Lasallian Facilitator and held the role of NZ Chairperson of the NZ Sector Mission Council, Australia, Papua New Guinea and Pakistan. He was a Director of the Lasallian Mission Council.

Mr Raukura has contributed immensely to the success of his students and the College, he was awarded a Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Teaching and was instrumental in taking De La Salle to the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in 2018.
He has held the roles of Dean of Year 13, Director of Gifted and Talented

He has served as the Staff Representative on the College Board of Trustees and has been the Liaison Staff member for the College Health Sciences Academy.

Mr Raukura has called De La Salle College his home and he has become part of the fabric of the school. In the words of our Founder John Baptist De La Salle, Kane has touched the hearts and minds of hundreds of young men and is a true Lasallian.

His presence will be sorely missed at De La Salle College, however he takes with him a wealth of knowledge and experiences learned from his many roles in his time here, which will benefit another generation of young minds at St Ignatius.

Our wider College community wishes Kane all the best for his new role and know that he will inspire the staff and students with a real Lasallian influence.

Bonum Certamen Certa Fide

Live Jesus in our Hearts – Forever

M. Hogarty