Senior Students – Bring Your Laptop to School

If you have a laptop please bring it in to school next week. This is for those students who are already BYOD registered as well as those who have borrowed a school device or who have received a MoE device.  Being able to access your own device will help with Alert Level 2 requirements and enable you to access work online when devices are at a premium across the school.

If you received a device during this lockdown you can return the laptop to the library.  Please make sure to return the power cord as well.  Faculty devices will be collected and returned. However, we want you to keep using a device and so a device can be reissued where needed. Priority will be given to Senior students in this situation.

We also want students who received a MoE device from the first lockdown to get in the habit of bringing in those devices to school.  We can assist any of you who are still struggling with access and logins by reimaging with a school profile.  Students in this situation should again return the device to the library.  Again, we want you to keep using a device.  A new device can be issued if we have any problems with logins.

We are continuing to look at storage and charging solutions.  We should have storage for a limited number of devices in the library by next week.  Mr Hogarty has also been looking at ways to provide bags for those of you with MoE devices who want to keep them safe to and from school.

Malo ‘aupito

Mr Phil Doyle

Assistant Principal

De La Salle College