Senior Exams – Term 4 Week 1

Teachers and Heads of Faculty have decided to move the practice examination week for Year 11–13 students from Week 8 Term 3 [September 7 – 11] to Week 1 Term 4 [12 October – 16 October].

Here is the new timetable with the new dates. Movements have been highlighted in red. 
This timetable can also be found on the College app in the Links button and the College Facebook page.

The key messages from your teachers and HoFs is that it’s important that we get back into routines as quickly as we can on our return and that we make sure we use the remainder of Term 3 to focus on completing internal assessments delayed by COVID-19.2 as well as making sure you are prepared for externals.

Your school report will now be sent home in Week 3 Term 4.

There are still some things to look out for:
For Year 11- the Mathematics MCAT is still down for Thursday 17 September. We are expecting something from NZQA in the next couple of days and so will keep you updated.
The Lea Faka Tonga CATs for L1 – 3 have been moved into Term 4 and will now be Tuesday 20 – Thursday 22 October.

Mr Phil Doyle
Assistant Principal
De La Salle College