Sky Watch

The College held its first successful sky watch this morning at 6am. Several staff, students, and a few parents braved the cold morning to take a look at the amazing view of the moon and planets through a telescope.
The month of June features an unusual planetary configuration with all 5 bright planets lying in order from the sun in the morning sky: First, Mercury hugs the morning horizon (starting around June 10), then brilliant Venus, followed by red Mars, bright Jupiter and finally, Saturn. And, don’t forget a 6th (3rd) planet, the one you are standing on, Earth! You’ll be able to see the 5 planets until Mercury slips away in the morning twilight in early July
We set up two telescopes for the views. Students were buzzing with “wow” after seeing detailed craters of the moon!
Thank you Mr D’Souza for setting up his personal telescope and Whaea Tania for sponsoring kai.
Thank you to Mr English, Mrs Lusa, Ms Gutschlag, Ms Kasipale, Mr Ufi and Matua Dobson – the boys appreciated your presence this morning.