College Sport Auckland Keeping Active Step Challenge

Join the College Sport Auckland Keeping Active Step Challenge – how many steps can you do for your school in a week?

This is our second participation-based competition to help students and staff keep active, stay connected, and engage in some friendly competition between schools during Alert Level 4. Any number of steps will help contribute to your school’s total.

Record and submit your steps between Monday 6 September – Friday 10 September, 9.00am – 5.00pm each day to contribute to your school’s total step count. Only one entry per day will be counted towards your school’s total step count, so please remember to submit your steps the same day you recorded it. Each entry must include proof you have completed the steps submitted by sending in a screenshot/photo from a fitness watch (ie Fitbit, Apple Watch) or other fitness app (ie iPhone Health, Samsung Health, Google Fit, Pedometer step counter). Please be sensible and know your limits!

Points will be based on school roll numbers i.e. average steps per student at your school. Steps will be included as they’ve been entered.

We’ll update the school leader boards regularly and announce the final placings on Tuesday 14 September.

So get moving, contact your school friends to get them involved, submit your entries via the link below and tag us on Instagram @collegesportauckland #CSAkeepingactive


1.                   All entrants participate at their own risk and agree to exercise as safely as possible and strictly adhere to all Government regulations and road rules.

2.                   All steps must be recorded at home (either inside or outside ie in your front/back yard or driveway) or within your neighbourhood and within your bubble.

3.                   If walking around your neighbourhood stay as close to home as possible, in alignment with Government advice. Please walk on a safe pathway where you will avoid traffic and always give way to any traffic and other pedestrians (allowing 2 metre gaps).

4.                   Entries must be recorded and submitted between Monday 6 September – Friday 10 September 2021, 9.00am – 5.00pm each day.

5.                   Only one entry will be accepted per person per day, with a maximum of five entries per person counting towards their school’s total step count.

6.                   Each entry must include a screenshot or photo of the steps completed including time and date.

7.                   Steps will be recorded as they have been entered ie 1,000 steps = 1,000 points towards your school’s overall total.

8.                   Total points for each school will be divided by the school roll number (based on the Ministry of Education).

9.                   All entrants must be either a year 7 – 13 student at a College Sport Auckland member school, or a staff member who is currently employed by a College Sport Auckland member school.