Jacinda Ardern Visits Our Debating Teams

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from the De La Salle College debating team asking if I’d drop by as they prepared for their next round of competition. Debating was a huge part of my life when I was at school – it taught me so much, including how to see the world from other people’s perspective. I loved visiting today, and talking competition tactics. Thank you so much for having me De La Salle! It was such a treat. -excerpt from Jacinda’s public facebook page

In her address to the students she tells them that she hasn’t had many outings since she finished being Prime Minister, that she’s been a bit quiet but when she had the opportunity to come visit she really wanted to come and visit. She goes on to ask if anyone could guess why and then shared “because debating changed my life- it absolutely changed my life”. Some encouragement and inspiration for our students to carry on with debating here at De La Salle under the guidance of Mr Otto Wendt.