Healthy School Lunches Programme

Dear Parents,

As from Monday 22nd March, all students will receive a healthy lunch from the College at no cost to our families. The food will be distributed to our young men at our first morning break at 11.25am as this is the time when we have noted that our young men are most hungry.

There are 2 options that our young men can choose, a hot or cold meal option, the Weekly Menu is shown below. Students do not have to pre-order their meal, they can choose which option they prefer at the distribution point.​


Years 7 & 8 students will have their food distributed from B Block outside their Classrooms.

Years 9 – 13 students will have their food distributed from our Tuckshop in Year level lines.

Parents are welcome to send their son to school with food from home if they prefer, the Healthy lunch scheme is not compulsory. The College Tuckshop will continue to operate and sell food and drink items.

There will be an opportunity for students to have “seconds” as any left-over lunches will be distributed at our Lunchtime from the Tuckshop.

Any school group who will be outside the College at Interval will have their lunch packed to take with them, the Teacher taking the activity off-site will distribute the lunch to the students.

The Healthy Lunch menu that we will offer our young men has been checked by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health who have complemented our current supplier on the quality and nutritional value of the food.

This new initiative is a great way to address some of the poor eating habits of young adults that lead to a range of health issues and illnesses.

Parents, there is no real need to send your son to school with money to buy food.

Of particular concern is the number of our young men who still have a pie and can of coke for breakfast on their way to school; not the right food for young growing bodies and brains. I hope that our Healthy Lunch programme will teach our students the importance of making wise food choices.

We look forward to seeing how the Healthy Lunch programme will improve our young men’s overall health and educational development.