Bubblegum, SouthSeas Healthcare – Here to Help!

Bubblegum is a youth led group, that know how hard lockdown can be, and realise the problems that it both presents and amplifies. Founded under SouthSeas Healthcare, our CEO acknowledges the strength you all show, and encourage you to reach out for additional help during this tough time (while still following Level 4 restriction guidelines!)

The purpose of Bubblegum is to provide support to our youth, so we urge you all to get contact them. Their Call Centre is back up and running because they want to check in and see how you are doing! They are also providing temporary support in the form of vouchers. Send them an email at bubblegum@southseas.org.nz with your name, age and contact number and they will get in contact with you ASAP! In times like this, it’s important to rally together and not to be afraid to ask for help!

Let’s Stick Together