De La Salle College to Host Matua Mike Bull’s Funeral Service

31 March 2023

Dear Parents

Due to the large, expected numbers, the College has offered to host Matua Mike Bull’s funeral service and his family have accepted the offer.
When: Monday 3rd April 
Time: 1.00pm 
Where: College MPC
We are privileged and honoured to host the funeral.

On Monday we will be running normal classes and finish at the end of Period 3 (11.25am). School buses have been ordered for 11.50am. Free lunches will still be available to students.

Boys who wish to come to the service will be able to attend in full school uniform.

Those students not attending the service will be expected to go home- school buses will run from 11.50am.

Parking for the funeral will be on the College field at the Graeme Ave entrance.

We are very aware of the number of disruptions there has been this year, but the acknowledgement of Matua Mike and his family is paramount in our considerations.

Thank you for your understanding.
God Bless
Mr Hogarty