Changes to De La Salle Certificate

Message to students about changes to DLS Certificate

Because being in COVID-19 lockdown has affected our learning, we have decided to make changes to the De La Salle Certificate similar to the changes that have been made to NCEA for seniors. We hope that these changes will help give you a fair opportunity to achieve the De La Salle Certificate you are aiming for.

This means the more points you achieve the more you are entitled to.

For every 5 points that you achieve, you are entitled to 1 extra point up to 20 extra points. For example, if you have 65 points already you will be awarded an additional 13. For 100 points you would achieve and extra 20 points.

Endorsements are still achievable.

What do I need to do?

Keep working to make sure that you achieve as many points as you can. Your teachers will help you to track your progress.

Don’t forget your Service. We encourage you to record the help that you have done at home to add to your service hours. We understand that it is not technically service when you are fulfilling family responsibilities, however, it is a way to keep up your service to others.

You don’t need to do anything else to get your extra points. We will do the calculations before you get your results.