Curriculum Update

Curriculum Update 28 February

We realise this stay-at-home request has come once again without any warning.  However, we are sure that you will rise to the latest challenge. Below are expectations for students starting Monday. 

  • Check your TEAM pages for each class or subject.  Your Homeroom Teacher will be making contact to check that you have access to a laptop or device and are able to access TEAMS and work remotely. Mr Patua is available to help remotely if required.
  • Make contact with your teachers.  This is the most important task.
  • Quality over quantity – We expect students to have no more than four timetabled lessons a day. The expectation is that you will complete work for only Period 1 to 4 on your timetable. This is a reduction from earlier practice as your teachers recognised that there was a need for time for students to be able to complete the set tasks each day.
  • Make sure you have a place to work and login to lessons. We know that many of you have to work at different times and on shared devices during the day.  However, a typical lesson will involve you logging into Microsoft Teams. We will be asking you to check in with each of your teachers so we can mark attendance. This can be done in a variety of ways – a roll call in a Zoom meeting, a thumbs up in General chat or a submission of assignment in TEAMS. You will be expected to complete 15 – 20 minutes maximum for each lesson. You will be expected to check other forms of communication such as TEAMS and school emails.
  • We recommend that you work in school hours. Making contact and returning messages to teachers is rewarding but can be time consuming and tiring.  Take breaks. It is also important that you have time to help out with your own families.
  • We realise this stay-at-home request has come once again without warning and therefore you may not have essential equipment and books at home. However, students are not allowed onsite unless planned.  We will be asking students who need a laptop to come in to school and collect from the school library.  Please do not come in unless contacted by your Dean so we can keep everyone safe and within Alert Level 3 guidelines.
  • Finally look out for a couple of challenges and competitions this week.

All the best – Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families at this challenging time.