Class of 2023

It was a privilege to celebrate the class of 2023’s final day at the college. It has been an awesome journey to walk alongside them and to see them reach this momentous occasion.
The day started off with Leavers Assembly, an opportunity for this cohort to have their final school gathering and to be farewelled by the school. The Year 13s wore a special ula made by the Muliaga family that said ‘DLS’ and ‘2023’ to mark them as part of the departing class. As each homeroom processed into the assembly, they were welcomed by the angelic voice of Lani Alo, who sung his song ‘Alo I Ou Faiva’, a fitting song and tribute to the journey of the class of 2023. Mr Hogarty spoke, followed by the class of 2023 representative, Sam Vaotuua, who delivered a heartfelt final address to the cohort. The class of 2023 were then called up to receive their leavers certificates in addition to their special leavers plaques. The leavers assembly was concluded by a performance of the school haka by the outgoing class and the remaining senior students.
Later in the evening, the cohort gathered with their families and staff to celebrate mass together at Holy Cross Parish. Led by Father Martin Wu, the mass was an opportunity for all to reflect on their journey and to give thanks to God for the lessons and successes that have come along the way. To conclude the mass, each homeroom was gifted a candle donated by the PTFA and also a kahoa handmade by the prefects. A special moment during this mass was when Noah Sinclair Pritchard’s mother Joan was able to accept his candle on Noah’s behalf. Although Noah is no longer here with us, we will always remember his as a part of our cohort, of the class of 2023.
The Leavers events were concluded by our Leavers Dinner, which was held in the MPC back at the college. The MPC was overflowing with families and friends of the class of 2023, who all came to celebrate the achievements and journey of this class. Parents generously provided the food, drink and dessert for the event. Each homeroom teacher got an opportunity to speak and present their homeroom awards. This was followed by dance items prepared by the homerooms. We had an item from the Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga and Fiji.
These leavers events could not have happened without the many hands that helped. A big thank you to all the dedicated staff, generous families and especially our leavers committee who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring everything together. The class of 2023 had a wonderful send off thanks to the many hands that made the work light! We wish the outgoing class of 2023 all the best as they prepare for their exams and as they go forward into the many paths ahead of them. Continue to fight the good fight of faith and live Jesus in your hearts… forever!
Year 13 Dean
Miss Fusipala Puleiku