BACK TO THE FAMILY – A Short Film by James Fidow 8KUR


I am the Director of the short film “Back to the Family” that I submitted into a Pasifika short film competition. In January, I joined a two-day workshop led by Poporaazi Productions about making films and thought I should give the competition a go. With a month left in the competition, I still hadn’t thought about the movie but I had a few ideas. So, I gathered all my cousins, and discussed them.

We decided to make the short Film about time-travel but with a special moral to the movie. The theme is about appreciation of family and what you have.

It was a great experience as the Director to film the Movie because I learnt new things about film making. I also got to spend more time with my cousins and I’m grateful to them for helping me. It was fun editing the film and after all the late nights, we finally have a film!

I’ve also learnt an important lesson from this experience. It’s to not leave your assignments to the last minute. Next time I’ll give my self plenty of time for filming. I was also the only submission from De La Salle College so I hope there are more submissions to represent our school next time. Thank you for your support.

James Fidow 8KUR